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Happy Birthday Ice Cube – #OldSchool Artist Of The Week

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Ice Cube

(WWETV Network) It’s Old School Saturday and what better “Artist Of The Week” representing for the old school than the iconic Ice Cube. First started bubbling on the worldwide hip hop scene with the infamous N.W.A in the late 80’s with other legendary hip hop stars such as Eazy E and Dr. Dre. Ice Cube would end up leaving the group and have one of the biggest diss songs in history (some proclaim it the GOAT) in “No Vaseline”.

Ice Cube would be one of the original rap stars who would transcend in Hollywood with movies by starring in the cult classic “Boyz N The Hood” with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Morris Chestnut. He would later become apart of his own movie franchises such as “Friday” that birthed stars such as Chris Tucker who played the lovable”Smokey”. Ice Cube would continue playing roles that were the opposite of his rap persona such as “Are We There Yet” in subsequent years.

As entertaining as he is in movies, it was the political powerhouse lyrics that made him known in entertainment circles first. When hip hop was rising in power in the 1980’s, Ice Cube was at the forefront with his controversial group the NWA and he would drop solo albums that were even more lethal with content against the government and the establishment.

He represented hip hop and paved the way for many rappers. Ice Cube was also one of the biggest defenders of hip hop during a time when the powers that be wanted hip hop censored when artists like Tupac Shakur were in the media. He didn’t get any more poetic about his stance than on Scarface’s (of the legendary Geto Boys) classic single “Hand Of The Dead Body”.


Ice Cub also illustrated life in California putting West Coast hip hop on the map. There are hip hop enthusiasts that claim “Today Was A Good Day” is the greatest rap song ever, giving visuals about what a typical day in Compton would entail for the regular African American. The song and music video still resonates with the new generation of hip hop fans as you can see below.

Ice Cube

So from yours truly, The Venom, I thank Ice Cube for delivering some of the greatest rap songs in history. I thank Ice Cube for paving the way for hip hop artists to be taken seriously in Hollywood. Ice Cube, the #WorldWide “OldSchool” Artist Of The Week.