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Happy Birthday Tupac – Throwback With Cop He Shot Interview


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It’s Tupac Shakur’s birthday and we take a look back on the controversial police shooting by the iconic hip hop artist. The event was controversial, but it still reflects current times and the issues that the world faces till this day with crooked cops. In 1993 early Sunday morning on Oct. 31 in Atlanta, two white off-duty cops who were also brothers, Mark and Scott were shot.

Throwback Article from New York Times Below:

ATLANTA, Nov. 1— Tupac Shakur, whose rap recordings sketch what he calls the “thug life” of inner-city violence, was charged on Sunday with shooting two off-duty suburban policemen.

The Atlanta police said the shooting occurred after two cars carrying Mr. Shakur and his party almost struck the two men and their wives as they crossed a city street early Sunday morning.

The 22-year-old performer, who lives in California but was in town to perform at a local college, was arrested at his hotel shortly after the shooting. He was charged with two counts of aggravated assault and released this morning on $55,059 bond until a Dec. 1 hearing to determine if the case will be sent to a grand jury.

The two officers were released today from Grady Hospital here; one was wounded in the abdomen, the other was in the buttocks. ‘Droppin’ the Cop!’

Some of Mr. Shakur’s best-known lyrics describe young black men as targets of police violence and discuss gang members shooting police officers.

“Drop them or let them drop you?” one lyric asks on the 1991 album “2pacalypse Now.” “I choose droppin’ the cop!”

Vice President Dan Quayle assailed the album and called on record stores to stop selling it.

Kenneth Ellis, Mr. Shakur’s lawyer, said that it appeared from investigators’ descriptions of the incident that the two officers started whatever gun play occurred.

“They have a person on whom they can lay a case initially and it may sound good because of what my client is identified with,” he said. “But when you look at the bare facts, the only crime appears to be the actions of these two officers.”

Many of the details of the incident remained murky today, said police officials. Capt. Herb Carson of the Atlanta Police Department’s homicide division, which is investigating the case, said that so far the police were relying on the accounts of unnamed witnesses. Who Shot First?

According to some of those accounts, it was one of the officers who first drew and possibly fired a gun, although no weapons have been recovered.

In the last year Mr. Shakur’s run-ins with the police have resulted in his filing a $10 million brutality suit in Oakland, Calif.; an arrest in Los Angeles last March on charges, later dismissed, that he assaulted a limousine driver, and accusations still under investigation in Los Angeles that he and others beat up a film director.


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