The health of the 69 year oldHarvey Weinstein is declining rapidly in prison according to his legal team.  It seems the toll of imprisonment is affecting Weinstein after he was indicted on sexual assault charges in Los Angeles. He has lost four teeth while in jail and he is also reportedly technically blind.

Weinstein is reportedly still suffering from cardiac problems, diabetes, back pain, and sleep apnea. His attorneys are fighting for him to remain in a medical unit in New Unit, where he’s serving his sentence for rape.

In a report from TMZ, he made an appearance in court via video call along with his legal team insisted he shouldn’t be sent to L.A. for his indictment,  citing “humanitarian” reasons as the producer’s health has been in the negative region. Weinstein’s attorney Norman Effman said that his client is technically blind and  is now missing four of his teeth. He’s also reportedly in danger of losing more. Weinstein is reportedly scheduled for two upcoming medical procedures in New York: one for his sight and the other for his dental hygiene.