Hip Hop Artist MBNel Reportedly Arrested In Asian Crip Gang Sweep

MBNel Reportedly Arrested In Asian Crip Gang Sweep ‘Operation Criptonyte’ - Karen Smith Report


MBNel, a rising rapper in Stockton, California was among 34 individuals who were arrested on Thursday (October 15) as part of a sting operation titled “Operation Criptonyte,” aimed at disrupting street gangs in the city.

According to local affiliate ABC 10, the Stockton Police Department had been conducting the operation since June, resulting in 55 search warrants, 38 recovered firearms, $40,000 seized and the aforementioned arrests.

Additionally, law enforcement seized roughly one pound of cocaine, five pounds of methamphetamine, 1,300 pills of ecstasy and “an abundance of marijuana.”

The Stockton Police Department’s Gang Violence Suppression Unit worked with other agencies across the state of California for Operation Criptonyte, including Sacramento, Modesto, Manteca. Among the gangs the various agencies targeted include the Asian Boyz, Muddy Boyz Crips, Lil Ruthless Criminals Comstocc Crips, Loctown Crips, and Asian Crip criminal street gangs.