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HipHopDX Attacks WorldStar For Hip Hop Degeneration



HipHopDX is a platform that has covered hip hop over the years and have seen the rise of Worldstar. Now a member from their organization has created a vlog describing the impact Worldstar has over this generation of hip hop fans. 

The founder of Worldstar Q passed away at the age of 43. On his personal Instagram he had positive posts and was the opposite of what he would approve on his popular website. Kat Stacks admitted Q would orchestrate drama on his website to generate traffic. 

The advent of Instagram took the elements of Worldstar to the next level according to HipHopDX which made viral moments events that made ordinary people get clout. HipHopDX blames Worldstar for viral stars and antics by the likes of Teskashi 6ix 9ine.