HoneyKomb Brazy’s Mom Fears For Life As Gunmen Shoot Up Her Home

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Mobile, Ala. (WPMI)

Surveillance footage NBC 15‘s Andrea Ramey obtained captured the sound of the shots. The mother of Mobile rapper HoneyKomb Brazy believes she was the target.

“They came back,” said Tenecsha Jones.

“They keep shooting up your home?” asked Ramey.

“I don’t even live here because… I had to leave because of that,” said Jones.

Jones wasn’t at the house when the shots were fired but had been at the home Wednesday and believes people saw her there.

“They shot it up again. I can tell. I came here yesterday,” said Jones.

“And those weren’t there,” said Ramey pointing to bullet holes in a glass window.

“Not this glass. None of that,” said Jones.

A family three doors down woke when two bullets came into their home overnight. They declined to talk to NBC 15 News. It’s unclear if the shots heard in the surveillance video hit both homes or if these were two separate incidents.

Jones says this is the fourth time her house has been shot at.

“Why do they keep targeting you?” asked Ramey.

“Because they want my son Nashon Jones dead,” replied Jones.

Her son, Nashon Jones, is rapper HoneyKomb Brazy. He’s currently s in jail accused of violating his probation. He was arrested in 2016 on gun charges. In February, Nashon’s grandparents, Tenecsha’s parents, were killed in a mysterious shooting and fire. Mobile Police can’t confirm the overnight shooting is in anyway connected to any other investigation.

Jones says she just wants the shootings to stop before she loses another loved one.

“I’m kind of like shaky. I’m kind of like nervous. I’m kind of like upset, and I lost everything,” said Jones.