How Thriller Went From Flop to 100 Million!

#OldSchoolSaturday LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas

Michael Jackson‘s Thriller didn’t automatically become the biggest selling album of all time when it originally dropped.

With the success of “Off The Wall,” the record company assumed his follow up album “Thriller” would only sell a couple of million copies. In general record companies never believe a new album will do considerably better than the last release. The companies guess the numbers the album did last time out may reflect the size of an artist’s audience even if it was Michael Jackson.

In the record book’s Wall Street Journal in 2009 stated “Thriller” sales according to Guinness notes that in 1982, “estimations from Sony and the Recording Industry Association of America put sales at over 55 million copies, although Jackson’s management claims that international sales have pushed the total world-wide figure to over 100 million.” Guinness concludes that “while it is impossible to verify the final global sales, there is no doubt that it remains the biggest-selling album of all time.”

Check out the video below to see how Thriller beat the odds on becoming the biggest selling album ever.