Howard Stern To Get Muted? N-Word Controversy Surfaces

howard stern radio

Howard Stern was apart of the wild and crazy 90’s when television did not have too many filters or politically correct grievances for shows that targeted viewers looking for raw and unadulterated content. Along with tv shows like Jerry Springer, Howard Stern pushed the buttons with his controversial talk show.

He was a guest on The View this past Thursday to promote his new book. The show’s host Sunny Hostin dove right in bringing up the past of Howard Stern and made claims that Stern used racist words on his radio show. “I found your show so offensive,” said Hostin. “You used the N-word a lot.”

Stern went into defense mode about his broadcasts back in the day. One particular episode that included the KKK was used to explain why such language appeared on his show. “We had a guy on from the Ku Klux Klan who very freely used the N-word, and my belief was, ‘Hey, say it out in the open.’ I didn’t use the N-word, let’s be very clear.” Continuing his explanation as to why he allowed the word to be used he said, “I don’t like people who live under a rock. I said to the guy, ‘Let me hear what you’re saying and let’s confront it and let’s talk about it.’”

However it seems that Hostin is a fan of today’s Howard Stern and his new book that is a collection of the interviews he conducted over the years. “You’re a very different person today and I loved your book. I believe people evolve,” she told Stern. “I’m not going to say the show isn’t crazy and wild,” explained Stern. “But we’ve also opened it up to some new ideas where people, some really fantastic people, are coming in and feel safe enough to be interviewed and get into some real conversation” he added.

With today’s social media world old content can back to haunt you in the now even though officially Stern’s shows back catalog online do go as far back as the year 1994. A recording has surfaced however.

The home video special called “Howard Stern’s New Year’s Rotten Eve 1994,” Stern used the word repeatedly in a sketch ridiculing the blackface controversy that Goldberg and her, then-boyfriend Ted Danson, became involved in the previous year. 

Stern wore blackface to portray Danson, and used the uncensored n-word six times in less than two minutes, including as the punchline to the joke “What does you call a black rocket scientist?”

You can check out the full video – which is extremely offensive and NSFW – here