Hurricane Chris on Killing Man Who Broke into His Car in 2020

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Rapper Hurricane Chris broke down his feelings about beating his second-degree murder in a VladTV interview.


Vlad explained that Chris was in a car that he purchased for his girlfriend, but he added that she never drove it, and Chris stated that the girlfriend reported the car stolen after they had an argument. Chris then spoke about speaking to people he knew at a gas station when someone tried breaking into his car. Chris explained that he had an AR-15 on the front seat, which he pointed at the other guy, who started threatening him, and Chris added that the guy started reaching into his pocket. To hear more, including Chris speaking about having to use force, hit the above clip.

Hurricane Chris walked Vlad through the events that led to him having to shoot and kill a 32-year-old man in self-defense. Hurricane Chris talked about the trauma of the situation and how he couldn’t wrap his mind around the notion that he almost didn’t make it home that night. He also sent his prayers and condolences to the victim’s family.