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Ice Cream Licking Challenge Out Of Control?

shelley golden

(WWETV Network) It all started as juvenile behavior of a young women who licked Blue Bell ice cream in a Walmart. Police in Lufkin, TX say they have identified the girl, but are not releasing her name because she is a minor.

Ice Cream Licking Challenge

In the now-infamous video, a girl with dark hair laughs as she takes a gallon carton of Blue Bell ice cream from the freezer, removing the top and licking the frozen treat before returning it in the hopes of an unsuspecting customer purchasing the contaminated product.

Cops had been on the hunt for the girl, who was originally said to be facing up to 20 years in prison if charged with second-degree felony tampering.

In this day and age of social media, the competition to go viral creates copycat videos in hopes of getting fame. Urban model Shelley Golden did just this. With over a million followers and being an influencer to many women and girls, she did a re-enactment of the girl’s video licking ice cream.

She later posted on her instagram that she bought the ice cream, but authorities are not taking any chances anymore of this “ice cream licking challenge” going any further. A man by the name of Lenise Martin III, age 36, was arrested in Los Angeles for doing the challenge and deputies have put out a warning to others who are doing this challenge.