Ice Cube Compares Kobe Bryant’s Black Mamba Mentality To Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee and Kobe Bryant have similarities according to rap legend Ice Cube.

Kobe Bryant loved the way Bruce Lee use to mentally prepare himself and that made the basketball legend a fan of the martial arts icon. Ice Cube was also a fan of both men, but was an actual friend of the late Bryan. During an episode of the Getcha Popcorn Ready podcast with Terrell Owens and Matthew Hachette, Ice Cube explained what made Kobe and Lee so similar and why they were special to him.

“It’s like losing a superhero. I remember having a superhero like Bruce Lee and finding out he… you know. I put Kobe in that category in a way,” Cube said. “So it’s a great loss to our courage in a way. People like Kobe help all of us, summons the spirit in us, you know what I mean? To be the best.”

Ice Cube would continue the conversation stating how he always challenges himself in things he involves himself with.

“It takes courage to go there and challenge yourself because that’s the fight nobody knows but you” Cube said. “To challenge yourself, to go further, get better, and be better in that, you’re good but not good enough, keep going. This is what I love about athletes like, with that spirit that Kobe, I give T.O. that spirit too.”

Check out the interview below!