Ice Cube Refuses Vaccine & Gets Removed From Film ‘Oh Hell No’

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Ice Cube has participated in comedic films in the past, but this will not be the case for Sony’s “Oh Film” over vaccine mandate.

Ice Cube was scheduled to work with Jack Black for the comedy film,  Oh Hell No, but this will no longer be the case after he declined a request from producers to get vaccinated according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter.

The production company of Sony did not make a public statement as of the report and Ice Cube’s representative and agency also refused to make a statement on the situation. The producer and co-star in Matt Tolmach and Black also decline to comment on the vaccine refusal by Ice Cube.

The filming was to begin this winter in Hawaii. Producers on Oh Hell No made the request that cast on the project would need to be vaccinated. There has been division amongst people concerning the mandates surrounding Covid-19. President Joe Biden illustrated that there is a vaccinated vs unvaccinated divide that is permeating not only the United States, but across the globe.


For the most part, celebrities have been silent on the topic if they are against the vaccines, but there have been a few standouts who have their reasoning of refusal. The most highly publicized situation in sports surrounds Kyrie Irving. The Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai hopes Kyrie Irving “gets vaccinated as soon as possible,” but he is unsure when the point guard will return to the team.

Due to the New York City mandate, Irving needs to have been vaccinated to play in home games for the Nets, and while he could technically be a part-time player and only play on the road, the Nets have come out and said that will not be happening (see tweet below from Shams Chariana of The Athletic).


Ice Cube is the first iconic hip hop artist to publicly have is vaccination status be recognized as against the mandate. A hip hop concert that was suppose to take place on November 7th was cancelled recently by the promoter due to the lack of audience participation in following the vaccine mandate. The event was to be headlined by iconic rap stars KRS One, Rakim, and Slick Rick. Ice Cube’s history of being against the government is well documented in his music since his days in the NWA. It will be interesting to see where this all leads to. Check out the reactions to Ice Cube’s vaccination refusal below.