Ice Cube Speaks On “Contract With Black America” Status

LEGENDS & ICONS OF HIP HOP - Post By Kevin Douglas


Ice Cube Gives Update On “Contract With Black America” On The Breakfast!

Ice Cube made headlines at the tail end of Donald Trump’s presidency when he agreed to have his “Contract With Black America” arrangement with the White House. Some people believed that Ice Cube was selling out, but he insisted he was willing to work with anyone that would help the betterment of his people.

The rap legend stated on The Breakfast Club an update with, “We’ve got some interesting things we’re going to announce as soon as they develop. I just want to take it away from all the noise being made and really get some concrete things done, instead of all this talk and trolling back and forth.”

Over the last year, we have seen artists with legendary catalogs celebrating their music by being apart of Verzuz. Being one of the biggest hip hop stars ever, Charlamagne wanted to know if we were going to see Ice Cube on a future Verzuz. Similar to Mary J. Blige’s response, Ice Cube was indifferent to the event in that he was not thinking about it as something of a priority. However, he did let everyone know he was open to the idea. “It’s not something I’m thinking about doing, but if it comes about, who knows. I ain’t saying yeah and I ain’t saying no.”

The iconic west coast rapper also gave insight into his thoughts on how he would produce his version of Veruz. “It’s about showin’ love… My version of Verzuz would be: I pull somebody out there like Chuck D, and I play all the songs I love from him, and he play all the songs he love from me.”

Check out the interview below with Ice Cube, Charlamagne Tha God, Angela Yee, as DJ Envy was not in the building for the segment.