Ice Cube States Script For “Last Friday” Film Is Finished

The legendary Ice Cube appeared on ESPN’s The Jump. On the show he revealed more details on the upcoming Last Friday film that will be the fourth in the franchise. During the discussion, he confirmed the script was complete and there is a plan for a 2020 release.

ice cube chris tucker
Ice Cube – Chris Tucker

“Yeah, we pushing for it,” he said. “We finished the script, we are getting notes from the studio and it’s going back and forth. Get into pre-production and start hiring. It would be nice for this to come out on the 25th anniversary. That would be kinda … good.”

Ice Cube was dropping hints on his twitter that a new “Friday” film was dropping. The big question everyone is asking is whether or not “Smokey” will be in the movie. The character was played by Chris Tucker and his status about working on the film is still up in the air. Tucker made a statement in an interview with ESPN’s The Plug. 

I don’t know. I talked to Cube about it,” he said. “He told me he was working on some stuff. And if it comes together right, I’m definitely gonna look at it and see if it works. ‘Cause I never say never … I definitely want to check it out. If it works, it’s a possibility

Chris Tucker