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Ice Cube Talks East vs West Coast Beef – Untold Stories Of Hip Hop

Angie Martinez earlier this week reminded hip hop fans that she has an unreleased Tupac Shakur interview once again. This time around she made mention that Jay Z helped her to store the historic document in a safe place to prevent it getting lost or damaged.

On this week’s episode of “Untold Stories Of Hip Hop”, Ice Cube delves into the east coast vs west coast era of hip hop. Many people remember Tupac vs Biggie, but forget about the rivalry between Ice Cube and Common. Minister Louis Farrakhan stepped in to try and make a truce between the warring sides. Although some people feel that the media heightened the heat due to their coverage of the situation, there are still those around today who remember the tension being very real.

“You know, everybody was getting caught up in the moment,” Cube said. “We were gettin’ into our feelings. I was kind cocked and loaded but then the minister was speaking to us. He told us the story of the Nation and Malcolm X. When the Nation and Malcolm X was apart, it just gave room for somebody to swoop in and take Malcolm, and it all fell in the lap of the Nation ’cause they was beefing in public, so it gives the opportunity for somebody on the side.”

“Tupac wasn’t killed by Biggie, and Biggie wasn’t killed by Tupac,” Cube continued. “These are all side people stepping in. History starts to rehash it. ‘Biggie killed Tupac.’ The East Coast-West Coast beef caused Tupac and Biggie to be killed.”

Eventually everyone decided enough was enough and a truce occurred because of the serious nature of the murders of two of rap’s biggest icons.