Ice Cube To Meet President Biden Over CWB

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ice cube


Ice Cube is reportedly going to meet with Joe Biden’s administration to cover his Contract with Black Americans.

Cube has several experts who helped to put together a plan asking for politicians to back changes to things like banking, policing and more that he believes will have a direct, immediate and positive impact on the Black community in America. Ice Cube reeceived backlash when he reached out to the Trump administration. He made it clear though that at the time that he planned to work with both sides of the aisle to push his agenda.

Cube sat down for an interview with Ryan Cameron for his radio show “Majic ATL” Wednesday where he revealed that the Biden administration made good on its promise to work with Cube after the election as reported by TMZ as well.

There wasn’t much more information divulged  about the meeting as he and the White House are still in the planning stages. He does hope to have the meeting happen within the month. The legendary hip hop artists wants it to be a face-to-face meeting so he can bring in the experts who worked on the plan as well in the meeting.

“Whether a Democrat or Republican is in the White House, they’re still not looking at our agenda in the right way,” he told the host. “So it doesn’t matter. We still have to get them to acknowledge and remedy our situation in the right way.”