Ice Cube’s Jealousy Stopped Yo Yo & 2Pac Dear Mama Collab?

In an interview with Art Of Dialogue, DJ King Assassin talks working with Tupac Shakur and helping produce Dear Mama for Tupac Shakur. Shock G’s group, Digital Underground, was a learning grounds as he said, “Shock G, is like my mentor. He is actually the one that taught me how to do keys, and get the keys in the right order,” explains DJ King Assassin. “So, I learned from Shock G, from Digital Underground, many many moons ago.” DJ King Assassin also details how Yo-Yo was originally suppose to be on Dear Mama but Ice Cube stopped it from happening. Ice Cube did not allow the clearance of Yo-Yo-‘s vocals on the song

According to Assassin Tupc broke the news to him the next day they had finished putting the song together. “We can’t use the Yo-Yo part,” says Tupac. “Pat Sharne wouldn’t clear the sample.”

Pat was the manager for Ice Cube and Yo-Yo at the time. “I knew that was Ice Cube’s call right there. Cause she knows Hip-Hop but she can’t be like the shot caller of saying ‘hey you can’t use’, everything has to be approved by Ice Cube.

Tupac was obviously infuriated at Ice Cube blocking the collaboration. “Tupac was mad as F***. He was mad. “I never seen him mad like this unless somebody was fighting with him. This was on the business tip. I never seen ‘Pac get mad on the business tip.”

Years later, Yo Yo would find out about the situation and she never even knew about the incident and song originally having her vocals on it. Yo-Yo was signed to the same label as Cube, Priority, while Tupac was signed to Interscope. Yo Yo was also in a relationship around the tine with Tupac as well.