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Ice Spice Responds To Chain Snatching Allegations


Social media reacts after a video surfaced online that shows a man bragging about robbing female rapper Ice Spice’s jewelry.

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On Wednesday (March 29), a video surfaced online that shows a man bragging about swiping Ice Spice’s jewelry. In the clip, the hooded self-proclaimed thief holds up what he purports to be a necklace that belongs to the Bronx, N.Y. rapper.

“Ayo listen, we got Ice Spice chain. Stop playing with me. Pull up. Y’all know where we at,” the man says to the camera while dangling the chain in the video below. The man then mocks Ice’s rhyme pattern before the clip ends.

Online fans showed their disgust at the video and claim, “So you’re tough because you snatched Ice Spice’s chain? Or are you cool now? Does it make you gangsta? Trying to figure out what bragging about it on camera does for you exactly,” one person questioned.

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Ice Spice reaction

Ice Spice allegedly responds with social media message stating, “So tell me what’s gangster about a bunch of men claiming to have taken a chain from a female yea I’m gd ya could have the streets sh*& is washed.”


A video of a group dangling a “Queen” chain in the camera lens surfaced online. “We got Ice Spice chain,” one of the men said. “Stop playin’ with me. Pull up. Y’all know where we at.” He then mocked the way Ice Spice raps, echoing his previous remark about her going to him to get her jewelry back. The clip ended with laughter but didn’t explain where this alleged robbery occurred.

In February, North shared a hand-drawn portrait of her favorite artists on TikTok and gained Ice Spice’s attention. Spice told TMZ she found the drawing “so cute” and gave props to North for the love and support. “Thank you, North,” deemed her “so talented.” Following Spice’s visit, North created a second drawing featuring the Bronx native with straight hair from a fashion week photo.

After criticism on social media, North‘s Ice Spice cosplay videos were   deleted from the Kim and North TikTok account.