Ice T Confirms Dr. Dre Is Safe Back Home

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The New Year started with a scare for the hip hop legend, Dr. Dre, who was admitted into an ICU over a brain aneurysm. On January 11th, it was reported that Dr. Dre was being kept in the ICU, as doctors continued to run tests in search of the initial cause. The news prompted Ice-T to share an update on Dre, confirming that his friend was still “doing good.” Now, Ice has once again come through with another update on Dre’s status, taking to social media to share some uplifting news. “Update: Just FaceTimed with Dr. Dre,” writes Ice. “He just made it home. Safe and looking good.”

Ice T’s message was an encouraging update that fans and fellow friends are very glad to see posted on his social media. Check out the message below.