Iconic Dr. Dre Officially A Single Man

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After months of a legal struggle, iconic hip hop figure, Dr. Dre, is now officially single.

The rap producer was granted the divorce by a judge to break from estranged wide Nicole Young according to TMZ.

The financial state the two are still being figured out as Young is still contesting the legitimacy of the prenup—and once that’s iron out, it will help settle their property dispute as well.

Dr. Dre disagrees with Young wanting the judge to nullify the prenup. His ex-wife also alleged that Dre said he wouldn’t carry out the prenup, which he’s said isn’t true. And there’s a lot to fight over, in terms of money, what with Dre being worth $800 million.

Dre and Young both sought to terminate their marriage and become legally single back in April. A judge was set to sign off on their request in July, so it seems they both got their wish early.

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