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If Will Smith Made Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air 2019?


An interesting video is going viral online and it has to do with the classic 90’s sitcom that starred Will Smith. A fan has made a trailer for a movie version of “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”. 

All the expected main characters are presented from Aunt Viv to Uncle Phil to Carlton to Ashley and Hilary. The main actor even has a resemblance to a younger version of Will Smith. Watch the beautifully done trailer below.

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

In this version of “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” it has a darker and more serious tone to it. As of this writing it is not known if Will Smith has seen it. Smith owns the franchise and would be the one to green light such a project. The actors names are provided below and their respected roles from the trailer above.

For those who were too young to remember the comedy series that rose on the entertainment scene as hip hop was becoming more mainstream check out the clips below.