Inmate Sues 50 Cent For $150 Million Over For Life TV Series

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50 cent

50 Cent is facing the same issues his former rival television series, Empire, faced during its run. Someone is filing a lawsuit for a storyline used on the hit tv show of “For Life”.

According to reports, a prisoner serving life filed a lawsuit against Sinclair Television Stations LLC, ABC, G Unit Films, and 50 Cent over For Life.

The inmate, Aaron Johnson, 45, claims the hit series is based on his life. Johnson claims there are too many similarities in the show that happened in his life. For instance, the main character, Aaron Wallace is wrongfully accused of being a drug kingpin and proves his innocence by representing himself as a lawyer. Johnson also has a law degree, he feels he was wrongfully convicted, and they both successfully litigated prisoner’s criminal cases, Hip Hop Lately reports.

Johnson is seeking $150 million and a public apology. 50 Cent has yet to respond.

For Life returns to ABC for season two on Nov. 18.