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Inmates Fight Over 2Pac & Get Hospitalized


The legend of Tupac Shakur has definitely grown since his untimely death in 1996. Rumors and innuendo have been rampant about him by fans worldwide. The hip hop icon gets compared to other greats in debates and the argument about his actual rap skills is constantly a source of discussion. It has been reported that two inmates got into a beef over the slain rapper. Two men in Clearwater, Florida were debating about the legendary actor/hip hop star and it turned violent as one of the men ended up being hospitalized.

According to WFLA, several witnesses at the party told police the man responsible for the beating was 35-year-old Thomas Statkiewicz. Police say Statkiewicz admitted to “defending” himself and punching the victim more than once after the victim tried to punch him during an argument over 2Pac.