International Incident: Toronto’s Drake Spotted with UK’s Stefflon Don

Drake and Stefflon Don were recently chatting on Instagram Live jokingly, but now it may have turned serious (or maybe not) as the two were caught together having a meal in Miami.

During their Instagram exchange Drake stated: “I’m a confident guy.I can hold my own in any room, you know. I’ve known you for a while, we busting out jokes together. What else? What else? We could cook up chune together in the stu.”

Ironically enough it was Instagram where Stefflon Don got into a situation with Drake’s friend Nicki Minaj. 

“I’m disappointed in you so many people look up to you show us better.” At the drop of a dime, the Barbz Army bum-rushed it to the “Hurtin’ Me” rapper’s socials with swords drawn and in defense of their Young Money queen. But their attacks didn’t go unretaliated, as Stefflon took to her Instagram Story next for more biting words against the Barbie kingdom. “Got something for these dutty GARBS I mean Barbs soon,” she addressed.

Stefflon Don continued her critique of Ms. Minaj. “These [people] are crazy the way I would love to slap one of dem,” she added. “STEFF SAYS WHAT THE F**K STEFF WANTS TO SAY! Do I look like a puppet b**ches wanna act like they 10 [and] yes I will say something about it YES I said I’m disappointed in her [why?] because the gyal old enough to be someone’s grandmother.”

Steff went on to say that she despises “black-[hearted]” people, and knows what it’s like to come from the bottom to the top only to be forced into wars against people who want to snatch it all away.

A few weeks back Stefflon Don got into it with Nicki Minaj and her “Barbiez” online when she commented about her disapproval of how Nicki Minaj was handling the Cardi B rivalry. Wonder what Nicki Minaj feels about this, but then again she stayed at the side of Meek Mill at the height of his beef with Drake. It’s all apart of showbiz.