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Internet Tries To Cancel Kendrick Lamar & J Cole


hip hopThe internet attempted to cancel J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar overnight, but was unsuccessful. People were not pleased with what they perceived as a lack of effort or contribution from the hip hop artists  to the current landscape although both rappers had been on the front lines.

Some believe the artists have not used their platform to their best abilities. The President of Top Dawg Entertainment, Kendrick’s label, realizes that the rapper isn’t truly as appreciated as he should be.

When somebody asked him to deliver a message to Kendrick on his  birthday to bring back “the real,” Punch responded that an imminent return is no longer in the cards.

“Nah. N***as don’t appreciate it,” he wrote as a response.

J. Cole’s backlash came after he released a new song on Tuesday, which contains a verse that many fans interpret as taking aim at Chicago rapper Noname. On Wednesday, J. Cole told fans that he stands by his lyrics, but also encouraged them to follow Noname: “I love and honor her as a leader in these times.”