Irv Gotti Admits Sleeping With Ashanti After Separating From Wife

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The Wendy Williams Show is known for its dramatic episodes with celebrities and all the latest gossip. Irv Gotti hit up the talk show and was clear that he was indeed sleeping with his artist Ashanti. During their conversation, the Murder Inc. boss admitted he slept with Ashanti but only after separating from his wife Debbie Lorenzo.

He assured Williams and the thousands of people watching the show Ashanti was not to blame for their split. He says he was actually caught with another woman in a hotel room.

He made it clear that Ashanti “wasn’t even in the picture” during the time of the alleged affair. Gotti also told Williams he and Ashanti don’t speak, he’d be open to talking to her. “It’s nothing to me,” he said.

Irv Gotti asked the audience what is the issue of dating another woman during the process of paperwork being finalized for a divorce.

“I can’t mess with another girl until I sign the divorce papers?” he asks the studio audience. “Why? Why? What’s the problem?”


“So what Wendy does is totally blindsides me and says, ‘You’re sleeping with Ashanti,’ which I never answered … I was in total shock. I leave the radio station and it went complete viral — ‘Irv Gotti said he’s sleeping with Ashanti,’ which I never did! But was she right? Yes. But I didn’t say it.

“When me and Deb separated, she caught me cheating — this is why I’m here. Ashanti is not a homewrecker, guys! Ashanti had nothing to do with me and Deb — Deb caught me when I was directing “I Cry” in Baltimore. Deb being the vicious person she is, she came down unannounced. She said, ‘I’m Mrs. Lorenzo. Give me the room key.’ The door was latched, but she knows I’m in there. That’s what broke me and Deb up.”