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Is Charlamagne Destructive to Black Culture?

breakfast club
Monique vs Charlamagne

I think that that brother played a big part in the destruction of our community.


This is Venom with a question for the followers of the urban culture. Does Charlamagne bring destruction to the black community?

Charlamagne is widely known for his opinions and narration on urban culture. He has made a few a critics over the years because of his style of interviewing and reporting. He has been known to be a savage during his Breakfast Club segments.

Charlamagne’s most vicious incident on a guest is no doubt the interview he had with Lil’ Mama. The New York rapper was revealing aspects of her life and Charlamagne seemed to ignite an emotional reaction that caused the young rapper to cry.

The most famous broadcast that made Charlamagne go truly viral was his altercation with Cash Money Records label boss, Birdman. It seems he upset Baby by asking getting into a topic to start the interview which the hip hop mogul strictly prohibited.

Nicki Minaj and Charlamagne’s rivalry has been well documented and the leader of the Barbz made sure to be prepared for any attacks when she appeared on Breakfast Club.

Charlamagne has also been involved in fights with die hard hip hop fans. Another incident that occurred with the radio personality involved Lil Kim fans to get into a physical altercation in the streets of New York over comments by Charlamagne.

Well, Last week, Mo’Nique felt the urge to speak out against the antics of Charlamagne. She called his words on mental health “poison” for the community during an interview with “Comedy Hype” platform.

I’ve seen and heard the destruction that that brother has done in our community. I’ve heard the poison that he’s pulled out over that air in our community. Now, everyone is allowed to change. Everyone can wake up and say, ‘You know what, I now see it differently.’ But I think that the only way that we make change in our community is to first acknowledge that we were part of the damage.


Charlamagne spoke with his Breakfast Club co-workers and believes that Monique is hurting deep down with damaged relationships in Hollywood. He thinks Monique doesn’t take responsibility for her own actions and states he will be praying for her.

I’m praying for Mo’Nique. I want Mo’Nique to find the healing she needs. She’s been talking about the same people for the last 15 years. I’m new to the conversation. But the Oprahs, the Tyler Perrys, the Lee Daniels — everybody else is always the problem and even if those people did her wrong, she got to let that go because it’s not good for her mental health. I don’t hear a woman who is at peace