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Is Eminem Plotting A Lord Jamar & Benzino Diss?

eminem slim shady

The beef Lord Jamar has with Eminem goes deep and even had 50 Cent chiming in on the Brand Nubian rapper as a clout chaser going after one of the most popular hip hop artists in history.

Lord Jamar has used various platforms to give his viewpoints about Slim Shady. Being the battle rapper that he is, Eminem responded to Jamar on the single “Fall” from his album Kamikaze.

The issue has been revisited once again through fellow Detroit rapper, Royce Da 5’9, via Instagram Live recently.

I don’t want no problems with nobody and I don’t want to have to f##k nobody up. You are not the measuring stick of what street n##gas listen to. I don’t look at you like no type of street n##ga, I look at you the same way you look at Marshall. You say he talks about a bunch of s##t he don’t do, I feel like you rapped about a bunch of s##t you never did and you still ain’t doing.

Royce Da 5’9

Lord Jamar is one to never stay silent on topics or when he is addressed, made a statement towards Royce about his latest comments.

“People don’t really ask me about you Royce, they asked me about Eminem, but for some reason, you like to respond. Okay, I get it, you’re a loyal guy,” Lord Jamar bluntly quipped. “In general, black people don’t f##king listen to Eminem. It’s not a f##king disc, it’s a f##king fact,” Lord Jamar said.

Eminem has seemed to have enough of the banter and went on twitter to make a bold statement.

People think they want this problem ’til they get it.

Slim Shady

Eminem could also be speaking about his other rival, Benzino, from the Source Magazine days. He recently made comments towards the Detroit rapper as well.

I’m a real street n##ga who actually did it, he’s a trailer park hick who puts silly words together that rhyme and acts hard when he knows he would faint and break out in a rash if he ever was in a room alone with me, you see hip hop is from the streets, not the work place, not college, not from white neighborhoods, from the dangerous, poor, and ruthless streets. So his foolishness don’t move me and if you are a black man from the struggle still idolizing that cracker then we can’t see eye to eye

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Peace Y’all. I know that y’all were waiting on the part 2 of the Benzino @iambenzino interview today but I decided I wasn’t doing it unless he promoted the first part on his page. This dude calls me at 9AM and tells me to put the link to the interview in my bio and remove the link of me talking to the students at Clark Atlanta University that’s not important. Well it’s important to me and I do what I want on my page but had plans on promoting the interview on my page anyway later in the day. Now I haven’t heard from Benzino in awhile but when he called me and asked me to interview him so he can address Dave Mays I supported him 100% and didn’t even make him wait 24 Hours. That’s how you keep it real even with people who don’t keep it real with you. When he was trying to dictate to me what to do on my page something told me to check his page to see if he was promoting the interview to found out that he wasn’t. So I called him to ask why he wasn’t promoting it and he had more followers than me and he claimed because he didn’t want to catch backlash cause of the Eminem part but he will promote part 2 when he address Dave Mays. I said promote both parts who cares about how the Peanut Gallery feel about Eminem. Then he said he would promote it and I saw him do 2 post and he still haven’t promoted it. So if you can’t show love to me when I show love to you then why am I going to continue to shine my light on you. I have no beef with Dave Mays. He could have at bare minimum thanked me on his page for the interview. Dudes hide behind you to get their word out and can’t show love in public. I’m getting sick of this fake love and goofy shit. I’m going live on Youtube at 11AM EST to address SC & SC. This Black Excellence is fake and I will tell y’all why! #chokenojoke #legendaryvideographer #producer #director #benzino #thesource #hiphopweekly #journalism #sourcesoundlab #sourceallaccess #realchokenojoke #eminem #truthbetoldalldayeveryday #hiphophistory #davemays #boston

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