Is Gunna Confidential informant? 6ix Bangers Only Reaction

Guest Blog Post: 6ix Bangers Only Vlogger


In 2019, Gunna  appeared on an episode of Crimestoppers and Toronto Vlogger, 6ix Bangers Only, is asking the question on whether or not the hip hop artist is an informant in current  YSL Gang indictment news.

The rapper, Tec, was reportedly not feeling the name of Young Thug’s new clothing brand, SPIDER, as the name of Tec’s record label is Spider Nation. Tec believes this is “stealing his image.” Gunna is a close friend to Young Thug, so Tec is “exposing” him for being on the crime-fighting show. He went on Instagram Live to call out the Atlanta-based YSL crew.

TEC then posted supposed footage of Gunna appearing in a video for the Atlanta Police Department’s community-based Crime Stoppers non-profit program. The Instagram caption read, “@gunna say it ain’t so b*tch you ain’t no spider you a rat .”

Gunna reportedly responded by commenting, “And u better do the history on this case a n*gga smoked.” In addition, TEC began trolling the “One Call” performer and his YSL boss by suggesting his followers take part in a “snatch ah rapper purse challenge” which seems to be a reference to Gunna and Young Thug’s affinity for wearing handbags.


Check out 6ix Bangers Only revisiting this incident and reviewing the latest developments happening in the Young Thug Rico indictment.

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