Is it True That Teenage Artists Make Millions from NFT Auctions?

NFTs have been trending since they hit the mainstream. At the time, artists sold their work for dozens of millions of dollars, making this a very promising industry to test the water in. Fast forward a few years, and we still see a steadily flourishing digital market for collectible virtual paraphernalia and digital art.

The interest in this market has expanded tremendously over the years, and not just with adults. Some of the younger creations from teenagers resulted in the biggest wins in an NFT auction. As unbelievable as this sounds, teenagers seem to be the most promising group dubbing into this field.


How is this possible, you wonder?

How does this group have the time or knowledge to create digital art and sell it?

Teenagers are students, which comes with educational challenges. But, while it might seem like you cannot create NFT images to auction and make money, this is far from impossible today. No matter where students are based in Europe or Canada, they can always reach out to writing services and get online help from professional writers. The Assignment Bro service is always available online to take over the assignments from students and give them more time to dedicate to creating NFT imagen.

Before we tell you about the biggest teenage names in the market, let’s discuss the NFTs first.

What are NFT Auctions?

NFTs explode in popularity and attract many investors. The major marketplace for this, OpenSea, for example, surpassed 26,000 users and $3 billion in sales volume in a single month, August of 2022. This is a ‘non-fungible token’ or a cryptographic asset that contains metadata that authenticates unique ownership. The digital certificates on the blockchain i.e. NFTs include information such as provenance, history, and every activity related to the asset.

Compared to NFT, NFR refers to irreplaceable, unique digital assets using blockchain technology. The terms are similar, but not interchangeable.

When a person has an NFT, they can put it on auction to sell it. Interested buyers can use competitive bids to purchase an NFT at an auction. Participating in this is more exciting and can result in very rewarding deals for both sides, compared to making flat purchases which are fixed and come without a surprise element.


Teenagers with the Biggest NFT Auction Sales

In just one year, NFT sales volume grew from $94.9 million to over $23 billion. A lot of this money is earned by young creators, even teenagers. Now that you know what this means, let’s take a look at the artists with the unforgettable profits that came from selling their creations at NFT auctions.


  • Jaiden Stipp


Jaiden Stipp or Jasti is a 16-year-old digital artist and one of the most prolific ones in the NFT world. At the beginning of 2021, this teenager started exploring the field and decided to give it a test run. He minted, then sold his first asset for $30,377 at the time. Jaiden was watching a Star Wars movie one afternoon when he started receiving unexpected bids. He sold a digital illustration of an astronaut-like cartoon figure.

Fast forward to today, and Stipp has made over a million dollars in NFT sales. His parents who were skeptical at the beginning remain confused even today. After 5 sales, their son helped them pay off their cars and house and already invested in the works of other young artists.

Despite the fact that Jaiden Stipp earns a lot of money at the age of 16, education is still important. Teenagers should not forget that getting an education leads to success. Most of them use the services of best assignment help websites, which helps to combine work and studies. In the 21st century, it is very easy to achieve success if you put a little effort into it.


  • Victor Langlois


Also known as FEWOCiOUS, this 19-year-old artist enjoys tremendous popularity in the NFT market. Why wouldn’t he? To this day, he’s made over $26 million in sales, making him one of the most prominent artists in the world!

Victor is recognized for his identity-focused, colorful work seen in many NFTs and sold on different platforms online. He even had some pieces promoted and sold at auctions via Sotheby’s and Christie’s.


  • Nyla Hayes


Nyla Hayes became a crypto artist at only 13 years old in 2021. Her Long Neckie NFTs became popular almost instantly. In TIMEPieces, the community initiative for NFT, she was announced the first artist in residence.

It all started at the age of 4 for this teenager. Hayes says she’s been interested in digital art from the earliest age, drawing whenever she had the chance. At the age 9, she became even more interested and immersed in this.

To date, Hayes has sold her collection of 3,333 pieces called Long Neckie Ladies and earned over $4 million in sales volume on OpenSea. Her journey is incredible, especially when you stop to consider that she started before she even reached high school!

Wrapping Up

These are just the 3 biggest examples of teenagers thriving in the NFT world. With a bit of creativity and some knowledge, you can join them, too!

Author’s Bio 

Mary Spears is a motivational speaker and a student advisor. Her job is to motivate and guide students to help them improve their performance and their future prospects. In addition to advising, Mary also speaks publicly and publishes her educational articles online.