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Is Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt The Most Lyrical Album Debut?

The Most Lyrical Hip Hop Debut Album?
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The crew over at Turono Talks discusses the iconic Jay Z with his legendary Reasonable Doubt album that debuted in 1996. This past week hip hop celebrated 25 years of Enter The Wu: 36 Chambers & Midnight Marauders albums and its impact on hip hop. Tony Ranks who is known in Toronto circles for his lyrical dexterity chimes in on the greatness of Jay Z and proclaims Reasonable Doubt as perhaps the most lyrically inclined debut album of all-time. 

Jay Z

What does a new hip hop fan think of Jay Z and Reasonable Doubt? Check it out below.

The history of hip hop has given music fans some fantastic debuts. Let’s take a trip down memory lane as you know only Venom knows how to do. Let’s start off with what many still regard as perhaps the perfect hip hop album which is the revered Nas album Illmatic.

Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx was a masterpiece upon its debut and is still highly regarded by critics for its wordplay. 

To show that hip hop lyricism spanned across America and not just in New York, the legendary rap duo Outkast also made noise when they debuted the album SouthernPlayalisticCadillacFunkyMuzik. 

I also think there has to be mention in the discussion Biggie Smalls and Rakim for when they dropped their classics they had rappers changing up their whole game to keep up to their flow and lyrics.