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Is Michael B Jordan The Next Superman? Black Hollywood Discusses

CELEBRITY NEWS - Kevin Douglas Article

michael b jordan

It was recently reported that a black writer would be the next in line to help reboot the classic “Superman’ comic hero franchise, but could Michael B. Jordan follow suit as the “Man Of Steel”?

Ta-Nehisi Coates is confirmed as the writer for the script for the new “Superman” movie. With the current era of being socially aware and providing more opportunities to black people due to the rise of “Black Lives Matter”, a rumor has started that Michael B. Jordan could get the role of “Clark Kent”.

He was rumored to be Superman back in 2019, but nothing came to fruition as of yet. With the massive success of “Black Panthers”, it is quite clear why Hollywood would think to give Superman a different look this time around.

There are several black versions of Superman in the comics, which could come to life for the new Superman reboot movie. Val-Zod, a black Superman of the Earth 2 universe. Val-Zod was also sent to Earth by his adoptive parents Lara and Jor-El but was educated in intelligence and pacifism.

The other black Superman character is “President Superman” aka Kalel/Calvin Ellis of Earth 23. That version of Superman also had the same origin, but Jorel and Lara were black. Will the new “Superman” take this direction and should the powers that be do it?

The Queens of Fox Soul which include actresses Vivica Fox and LisaRaye discuss the rumors that Michael B Jordan is slated to become the next Superman and debate whether or not this is just another ploy for Black dollars. Watch the video below.