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Is Outkast Greater Than The Beatles? Online Debates!

LEGENDS & ICONS OF MUSIC - Kevin Douglas Article

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There icons in the world of music, but then there are undisputed artists of mythical proportions and The Beatles fall into that rare level.

With the advent of the genre of hip hop, there has been a slew of new legendary figures that compare to the all time great rock stars of the past. It is no debate that Outkast are of legendary lore for how they helped create a new lane for expression in the rap world.

They burst onto the scene with displaying to the world the lifestyle of people in impoverished conditions down south when the mainstream hip hop fans were in adulation of the rhythmic flows of the East Coast’s Notorious BIG or West Coast’s Snoop Dogg.

This was only solidified with their award winning stance at the Source Awards when Andre 3000 declared that the “South” had something to say in the hip hop field too. It was a statement that resonated with those down south who were trying to break into the scene at the time.

The Beatles mirrored this same fate when they invaded the American music industry and took it by storm. Their sound and look took the teenage world by storm and captured the minds of older music fans with their unique way of performing. The group was led by Paul Mccartney and John Lennon who had the world under the spell of “BeatleMania”.

Andre 3000 was known for his outlandish fashion, but also his viewpoint on life. Outkast really started to turn heads when they dropped “Atliens” and started to include hidden mysteries of life into their music and visuals. Andre 3000 til this day is considered one of the greatest rappers to ever touch the mic. Big Boi is no slouch either in the lyrical department and the two combined to make some of the most iconic songs in rap archives.

John Lennon is considered to be one of the greatest songwriters in history. Paul Mccartney is still working with some of the best artists on the planet today doing songs with the likes of Rihanna and Kanye West.

However, John Lennon’s comment that The Beatles were becoming more popular than Jesus led to a backlash from communities that surprisingly included the KKK. Some in retrospect believe John’s comments were taken out of context in that he was simply stating how the youth of his time were filling out arenas and not going to churches with the same passion. Regardless, it would also lead to John Lennon’s solo career where he would become one of the most introspective writers ever with songs like “Imagine”.

The Beatles also mirrored Outkast in that they found ways to reinvent themselves when everyone had put them into a box. Their fortitude to change perceptions of being just a pop group led to them creating one of the greatest albums in music history. The album “Abby Road” changed the music industry forever.

Outkast did something similar when they dropped their game changing “Aquemeni” that cleaned up at the Grammy awards. The group also did a unique album where Andre 3000 showed his singing talent, while Big Boi showed the world he could hold his own without Andre on songs with “The Love Below”.

“When society admits OutKast is better than The Beatles then we can truly start healing,” wrote Chopped 420 host Ron Funches on Twitter. OutKast caught wind of the post, who shared it from their account and added the eyeballs emoji, appearing to be in awe of the statement.

Check out the reactions below and clips of both group’s historic moments with their iconic statements to the world.