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Is Saudi Arabia Ready For Nicki Minaj?

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The government of Saudi Arabia is doing its best to create a new image of their land. They stuck a multi-year deal with WWE for major events, but the company received backlash when their women star athletes were not allowed to perform at the events. WWE held an event despite backlash after Saudi Arabia was believed to have ordered the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The two events garned WWE a whopping $40-$45 million and the organizers have paid big money for stars from the past such as Goldberg and Shawn Michaels. $450 Million dollars is expected to be made by Vince Mcmahon‘s WWE with their deal. It breaks down to $45 million per year for the next ten years as part of their deal with the Saudi Arabian administration.

It now seems the next plan for the entertainment makeover is Nicki Minaj. She is heading to the ultra-conservative kingdom of Saudia Arabia for a performance later this month.

Nicki is hitting the stage in the city of Jeddah, for the Jeddah World Fest on July 18, alongside British musician Liam Payne and American DJ Steve Aoki.

Organizers have been able to get MTV to air the event. As with their dealings with WWE, The Saudi Arabia administration has now been able to create press for their land in another artform via Nicki Minaj.

She is going to be actively on her social media, she’ll be posting right from the stage in Jeddah and at her hotel in Jeddah

Robert Quirke to the Arab News.

Women have a strict dress code and are segregated from men in public places in Saudi Arabia, so this pairing of Nicki Minaj who is known for her seductive lyrics and scantily clad attire will be a sight to see. Will Nicki Minaj get backlash as the WWE did for supporting the country? We are all about to find out!

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