Is Soulja Boy’s Alleged Victim’s Story Is “100 Percent Fabricated”???

soulja boy
Soulja Boy

Sources close to Soulja Boy are reportedly standing up for the veteran rapper after he was accused of abducting a woman. According to TMZ, the alleged victim was angry after Young Drako put an end to their romantic relationship and is simply seeking revenge.

The woman reportedly showed up to Soulja’s house highly intoxicated on Friday night (February 1). After she was ordered to leave, she clipped the curb while backing out of his driveway. A hoard of people partying inside the home heard the crash and Soulja’s manager rushed outside to see what was going on.

That’s when the woman allegedly attacked the manager and they got into a fight. Soulja’s accuser says he joined the ruckus and started kicking her. She claimed he then took her into the garage, tied her up and left her there for six hours.