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Is T.I. Following Dre Nello Or Social Media Clout Chasing?


Social media has yours truly, Venom, getting all kinds of emails to answer lingering questions such as Dre Nello and whether or not this young rapper is paying Instagram accounts to plug his music with false advertising.

Well, this is what I do know of the scenario from keeping my ears to the streets. T.I. is called by many “The King Of South”, so when Tip goes out of his way to follow an underground rapper on Instagram, the world takes notice. This happens to be the case for rapper Dre Nello who also hails from the same city as TIP, in the dirty south, of Atlanta.


Dre Nello has released music that was an exclusive on hip hop platform, worldstar, in the year 2018.

The rapper has also done an interview and gives viewers a better understanding on his back story and why he’s rapper. Is he the next big thing? Time will only tell!!

However, upon further investigation, it seems that T.I. is not following the young rapper. Some people in the comment section went to check if T.I. was indeed following him and there is no confirmation from it. Is this the new era of social media marketing or just clout chasing? You decide!

There is also an Instagram account that states that Drake was listening to the artist and liked what he saw. Interesting that the Instagram’s handle is “CloutKingHipHop” isn’t it? All yours truly, Venom, can tell those inquiring is just watch which Instagram account where you are getting you’re information from.

Are they going for just views and likes? Or are they just trying to entertain their followers? Or are they legitimately trying to inform you? Maybe they do all three, but that’s what makes social media what it is today. It’s your choice to click that follow button.