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Is There A Method To Kanye’s Madness?

kanye west

(WWETV EXCLUSIVE) Hello, let me introduce myself. I was contacted by the administration of Worldwide Entertainment TV to be it’s first blog writer of entertainment news without no filter.

I only agreed to do this if I was allowed to have an alias. I did not want my identity known or where I reside to take away the potency of my articles that will hit directly at the hearts and minds of readers of WWETV.

You guys can call me “Venom” because I plan to sick blood pounding truth through readers veins in a way that only an unidentified entity could as you will only have to deal with the statements directly and choose to agree or disagree with the points given and not have your minds clouded by biases dependent upon who the messenger is.

I also refused on doing any vlogging for Worldwide Entertainment TV because I feel other certain outlets do and say things for views and fame. This is not to say I don’t watch these personalities such as VladTV, DJ Akademiks, Charlagmagne Tha God, and so on. It’s jus that I’m also in the belief that people need to actually READ more and stop just regurgitating snippets and buzzwords that are created for virality instead of giving viewers and readers some true food for thought that could digest into the minds of people. Reading is important and is a reason why I choose this vehicle exclusively to get people to think.

With that said let me get to the first article on the dock which has to deal with the media frenzy and celebrity reactions of the iconic Kanye West.


Kanye West wasn’t suppose to be here. He wasn’t suppose to be someone who would capture the attention of not only America, but the world by having a live news feed covering him speaking with the leader of the free world. Kanye West was an underdog that reached heights he always aspired that the powers that be never expected. He was suppose to only be a producer, but he ended up at the throne with a rap icon like Jay Z.

He was suppose to go down to 50 Cent in that showdown. The New York rapper battled all the greats before and didn’t receive any scratches to his ego or his record sales. He not only defeated 50 Cent, but he perhaps changed the genre’s leading style of hip hop for the new millennium that paved the way for the likes of Drake.

This I believe needs to be stated before we go any further to examine the history we are seeing now being written on television because mark my words this is a historic timeline right now. Kanye West spoke of alternate universes and sounded like a crazy youtube conspiracy theorist, but we are indeed in some kind of twilight zone if we are to look at how we even got to this point where entertainment and legitimate news are now one and the same.

We Want The Old Kanye


When Kanye West first burst onto the scene he was a breath of fresh air in the hip hop industry because he didn’t follow the trends of the day. He didn’t fall into the stereotype that you had to be a street rapper or gangsta rapper to catch the attention of music listeners who had grown accustom to mainstream acts of the day such as 50 Cent with his “Get Rich Or Die Trying” mantra. 

West didn’t fit the image of what one would see as a future hip hop icon such as Tupac Shakur although they did have a similar background in terms of father figures. Oh wait did some of you not know this?

Kanye West during what seemed like a manic rant during his visit to the White House claimed that Donald Trump was like a father figure to him. Some people were upset at this comment especially in some African American circles because they felt that Kanye was reasserting an old school mentality by the masses that a Caucasian male is presented as a role model who can be the only beacon to help save ghetto youth.

This idea was even put into a hit television show in the 1970’s off the heels of the civil rights movement. The show Diff’rent Strokes was a massive hit where two ghetto children from Harlem was given solace and freedom from their environment after their mother died via Mr. Drummond who lived lavishly in a penthouse in New York. Mr. Drummond was a Wall Street Tycoon just like Donald Trump.  For those who never saw the show you get the whole premise in the video below.

Remember when I said that Kanye West and Tupac Shakur had similar father figures? The connection is that Kanye West had Ray West and Tupac Shakur had Mutulu Shakur. Both men were apart of the controversial Black Panther Party during the civil rights era. An organization that was dedicated to helping the black community rise above racism in America created by Bobby Seale and Huey Newton.

There is also another similarity between Tupac and Kanye and that is both men were born as Gemini under astrology terms. Whether you believe in any aspects of astrology or not, it can’t be denied that the dictionary term of a Gemini fit Tupac and Kanye like a glove.

Gemini traits include adaptable, ambitious, articulate, inquisitive, kind, thoughtful, open-minded and have strong leadership qualities. Gemini are curious about everything and loves to be part of the action.

The two men also were heavily influenced by women in their lives starting with their mothers who were well versed in reading. Tupac’s mother made sure her son would read books to open his mind to other ways of thinking and Kanye’s mother was a chairwoman of Chicago State University’s English department. 

Even though they would be in homes with this kind of background of a post civil rights movement both stars would have their lives impacted by Caucasian women when their mothers were no longer around. Tupac Shakur’s first break in music came at the assistance of Leila Steinberg who once said:

He carried a dictionary and
a thesaurus at all times.
So in the backpack that he
always traveled with, was always
a thesaurus, a dictionary, a work
of literature… He was always
wanting to read a piece of literature.

Leila Steinberg

She also let it be known that Tupac had a stubbornness to him that some may feel is similar to Kanye West’s refusal to back down with wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat that upsets some people in the African American community.

2Pac was very, very difficult and exciting at the same time. You couldn’t tell him anything; he knew everything. He was incredibly stubborn, with incredible vision.

Leila Steinberg

Kanye West believes in his theories and hardly ever backs down. Kanye West married the love of his life in Kim Kardashian although that did not sit well with certain people such as his friendship with Jay Z and Beyoncé. There is still animosity by West towards the power couple for not appearing at his wedding as disclosed in an interview with Charlamagne Tha God earlier this year.

Kanye West marrying a Caucasian women also alienated him from some African American women and re-iterated one of his songs called “GoldDigger” which featured Jamie Foxx & “Touch The Sky” that had guest appearances by African American women celebrities like Nia Pebbles of “Boyz In Da Hood” fame and Traci Ellis Ross of Black-Ish.

Touch The Sky

In his meeting with Trump he let it be known that he doesn’t let racism be a barrier to his way of seeing things and we see that with his marriage to Kim Kardashian. The trajectory of his message and career seemed to go in a different direction just around the time of his marriage. West may have believed he found his “Beyoncé”, but some in African American circles definitely didn’t see it that way. A segment of his fans male and female saw him as selling out. 

“Kate Upton ain’t Marilyn Monroe. Kim is Marilyn Monroe. You know that. She was controversial; she’s controversial.”

Kanye West

Now this is where the comparisons with Tupac Shakur and Kanye West ends in terms of women and possibly views on how racism plays apart in how one is perceived on a grand stage when the world is watching every move you make.

Tupac Shakur whether you agree or disagree made the decision to distance himself from any attacks about his fight for his people when he ended a relationship with another women who has been compared to Marilyn Monroe.


Shakur made his relationship with the iconic Madonna silent and before his release from prison ended ties with “The Material Girl” due to not wanting to be called out as a Black Panther son sell out being in a relationship with a Caucasian women.


For the uninitiated Marilyn Monroe was a huge star in the 60’s during the civil rights movement and was rumored to have an affair with then President John F. Kennedy. The same United States President who brought about change for African Americans and was murdered for his forward ways of thinking. 

“Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Happy Birthday to you.”

Marilyn Monroe


Now to put this into perspective in today’s standards, this would be akin to a youthful President such as Barack Obama having an affair or tabloids hinting at Obama stepping out on the 1st Lady Michelle Obama with a sultry sex symbol like a Rihanna or Beyoncé.

Now before the current administration that was coronated in 2017 under Trump there was never a controversial 1st Lady who was known for her nude escapades such as Melania Trump being a former fashion model. The angle of having a sex symbol akin to Marilyn Monroe doesn’t have the same appeal now since Melania Trump has taken that role as the sexy 1st Lady. However, what made Michelle Obama stand out was her unwavering support of her husband and having her own social missions to help her country with entities like “Black Girls Rock”.

Kanye West in 2015 declared he was going to run for the Presidency in 2020, but he has now moved it to 2024. Is it a coincident his wife has in recent months also become  more political? She has also met with Donald Trump at the White House.  

Is this a play by the West family to move away from the idea that Kim Kardashian-West is only a sex symbol side piece to a possible future president? That they are secretly setting up Kim Kardashian to be like a Michelle Obama figure to Kanye’s Donald Trump? The Obama administration really stepped it up in terms of showing black love and a family unit and Kanye’s family has it cut out for them in the media with the past of Kim Kardashian obviously going to be a political minefield for West’s opposition.

I say Kanye’s Donald Trump because he has let it be known that part of his support of Trump lies in the reality that Trump went from celebrity star on “The Apprentice” to becoming the President Of The United States. Also, it seems that many people don’t even know where Donald Trump got his mantra from for the infamous “MAGA” hat that Kanye West loves to wear and says makes him feel like he’s wearing Superman’s cape.

Kanye West is a celebrity who is admiring another celebrity for making it into the White House as Commander In Chief. The slogan used by Donald Trump to gain power was not chosen by chance. To some people it represents something that Illustrates that Trump wants to revert back to the days of White Supremacy running wild with Caucasian people not playing with an even playing field towards minorities. This could very well be Trump’s mission, but the slogan of “MAGA” was not created by President Trump.

The President who created this slogan was none other than President Ronald Reagan. I spoke about the comment that Kanye West made about alternate universes. Well, let’s take you to the classic film “Back To The Future”.

Ronald Reagan Quote From Back To The Future

The crazy Doc in the 1950’s meets up with a 1985 Marty McFly who lets him know that in the future  the actor Ronald Reagan is his president. Doc mocks Marty by dropping names of celebrities of the 50’s who could also be apart of this highly impossible scenario for an administration led by a celebrity.

The “Make America Great Again” slogan was used by Reagan when he was running for the presidency in the 1980’s. Could it be that Kanye West believes he is in line with his fellow celebrities by following their path using this mantra?

Make America Great Again

As we see in the video above, Ronald Reagan’s whole campaign trail was to “Make America Great Again”. Do you know who else supported this?

That’s right the current President Trump was fully behind this in the early 1980’s. President Barack Obama although a democrat has voiced his opinion that the 1980’s presidency of Ronald Reagan did in fact change the course of American history and he was also a fan of the former actor.


Kanye West has already let it be known that he wants to be President of The United States and his now former friend T.I. even stated how serious West is about this venture.


Now in the 1980’s there was also an African American who ran for the position of President of the USA. The iconic civil rights leader Jesse Jackson with his Rainbow Coalition. He went up against Ronald Reagan and couldn’t stop a second reign from the former actor.

Jackson even tried to truly break barriers by having a woman as his Vice President. In a 1983 article it was reported that the Democrats needed to add females to their plans to knock off the Republicans and President Reagan in the robust 1980’s.


This was groundbreaking at the time, but wasn’t meant to be as the Democratic party couldn’t deliver the 1st African American President until Barack Obama in the 00’s. Now what is the relationship with former President Barack Obama and future candidate Kanye West? It is fractured to say the least as his fellow Chicago native put him on blast for being a jackass for how he treated Taylor Swift at an Awards Show.


It needs to be said that Barack Obama probably did hurt Kanye’s enormous ego with this snippet. To add insult to injury the Chicago native did not mention West as his favorite rapper although Kanye represents the Windy City.

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama has let it be known that he is friends with the former Marcy Projects rapper Jay Z. Now this is significant because Kanye West has gone on record as saying Shawn Carter is like a big brother to him. However, their relationship has been in a tense state ever since Kanye went on one of his streams of consciousness rants where he called out Jay Z.


During this rant he also publicly denounced Hilary Clinton’s run for the presidency and as we saw with his meeting with Trump, West explained even more why he didn’t think Hilary Clinton was the right choice to run the county of America. In this revelation we learn that Kanye was yearning for something that he missed growing up that he believes his father did not fulfill. Is this where Kanye’s search for a big brother began? Could the rejection of his fellow Chicago male in Barack Obama along with Jay Z put him over the edge?

Jay Z’s lack of a familial connection to Kanye in his mind could be the root of this new rebellion he has undergone in recent times. He obviously was hurt that Jay Z doesn’t come over and let his daughter Blu Ivy play with his daughter North West.  

We could be seeing a little brother acting out against what he believes is his big brother for not accepting him as an equal. Kanye West’s marriage to Kim Kardashian as I mentioned above may have made him feel that he found his Beyoncé, but the Carters it seems may have used that alignment to distance themselves from West.

It also seems that West and Jigga may have switched roles in terms of their content that is delivered to their fans from their joint venture “Watch The Throne”.  Kanye West was known as the guy to usher in more conscious music with albums “College Drop Out”, “Graduation”, and “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” where it gave layers to listeners.

Jay Z made his mark in hip hop as the ultimate hustler who moved bricks upon bricks in the drug game to create a rap empire. Now in his advanced age he is showing maturity in his lyrics that seem more responsible to lead black culture with awareness for issues like the Trayvon Martin murder.

This is perhaps due to having children of his own and celebrity elders such as Harry Belafonte calling out The Carters a few years ago to create more culturally aware music. We even saw Beyoncé surprise the world when she performed at the half-time show at the SuperBowl with a Black Panther theme. Beyoncé is one of the world’s biggest pop stars and unlike the current Kanye West she did not worry about hurting her image or alienating her fanbase by possibly causing a division of race with her content.

Her performance many feel the “Old Kanye” would have done especially since he had a father who was actually apart of the movement, but Kanye seems to want to cause division among his own people with creating hurtful and misinformed statements such as “Slavery Was A Choice” although if he delivered the saying differently it might have been taken as a positive statement of breaking mental slavery in today’s world.

Does it really come as a surprise now that perhaps The Carters made their choice not to mingle with the “New Kanye” who now seemed too lack this type of gumption with his music because he was now obsessed with making shoes and fashion?

Jay Z recently was given the duty of presenting Jon Platt the “Spirit Of Life” award for his work as the chairman of Warner/Chapell Music and declared him the “Barack Obama” of music.

Is this a coincident that the same weekend does this Kanye West goes on social media and attacks John Platt about his publishing? While his big brother Jay Z praises the man, we see Kanye calling him out for bad business practices. He also speaks about his thoughts on God and monotheism and bragged about his intellect being in the 98th percentile and a score of 133.

When Kanye West truly hit his stride it came at the expense of 50 Cent. When the two went head to head to see who would win in a sales battle and 50 Cent lost, it changed the landscape of hip hop where the executives now felt safe to market a less gangster driven product and opened the doors for the likes of artists as Drake and even Chance The Rapper. Both men who Kanye helped mentor at the starts of their career.

Kanye West however, seems to have taken a different path in terms of content and we don’t get that same introspective from him on songs like “It All Falls Down” from his debut album “College Drop Out” or the follow up album with “Heard ‘Em Say”.



Now really pay attention to what Kanye West is saying in these songs and then look at the man we saw last week in the White House. Is he still there?

His last album lacked what Jay Z gave listeners on 4:44 and is doing songs now with less substance. He has songs such as “I Love It” with Lil Pump and is performing at Pornhub Awards as if he is a struggling soundcloud rapper. Is it that West is so gone in his self admitted love for pornography that we no longer can get the “Old Kanye”?

Or is it his frustration of his songs from St. Pablo not getting the same kind of air play. Some who asked for the “Old Kanye” imo did get glimpses of him with songs like “Father Stretch Your Hand” or “Ultralight Beam”. We never got to see music videos for these songs and he partly was blaming his agreement with Tidal for the lack of visuals from that album.

Or is there something else at work here? Is West dumbing down his music on purpose to reach a debased group of people that normally would turn off his messages? Could there be a leader of America spouting out verses as seen in the videos above?

Is Kanye West playing up to a group of people who he believes he needs their votes to win an election? Are we now in political era Kanye West? During his interview with Charlamagne he pointed out that Barack Obama needed to be “Super Negro” or the “Magical Negro” to be accepted and win the presidency, while he wasn’t safe to America because he didn’t tow politically correct lines.

We saw West dropping F-bombs in the White House during his meet with Trump. This was deliberate and West tried to not change his vernacular and kept it in line with what he stated in the interview with Charlamagne about him not being that safe “negro”. Of course, this gets blurred with all the other things he did during the meeting which some may see as shucking and jiving for President Trump.


This interview truly gets into the mindset of where Kanye West of 2018 is at. He wants to create new ideas and not succumb to past methods or lean on old icons.

He also gets into his frustrations about getting acceptance in the fashion industry, but being pigeon holed as just a rapper. West also explains the issues he had financially competing against the established fashion world.

Now that it seems like West no longer has a real relationship with powerhouse Jay Z who could have been a huge help in getting financial backing for his political campaign, it could be that West is looking at future donors.

This disapproval from President Barack Obama and his approval of the likes of Jay Z could also be reason why he wants no part of the Democratic party. He knows how the system works and if a democrat like Barack Obama doesn’t give him a stamp of approval running under that party he has no chance in in hell.

He may have a better chance if he sides with the enemy of Barack Obama in Donald Trump however. Trump has been chomping at the bit to erase Obama’s legacy in the White House and teaming up with Kanye to clean up Chicago could be the first step in trying to show up the 1st black president.

Kanye West has made it known that he is thinking about living again in Chicago. As I stated above, we are now in the political era of Kanye West. It should be noted that when West name dropped Larry Hoover for clemency by President Trump it truly was like an alternate universe. This man ran the streets of Chicago and commands respect. The Chicago Sun Times made mention in an article that the street icon may put the “Fear of God” back onto the streets of “Chiraq”.

Remember above I stated Kanye West and Tupac Shakur having similar backgrounds and how people wanted the old Kanye West back? Well, West knows that the government can’t and isn’t trusted by the youth or the streets, but Hoover is. He believes Hoover is a starting point in getting back order on the streets.

Tupac Shakur had a plan called “Thug Life” which had rules for gangs and streets to give back to their communities. The difference I see with Kanye West and his possible method of madness is that he may be deliberately cow towing the establishment to gain their trust just like in the old days some slaves would do to get in favor with their master to lure them into a safe zone and then strike with a master plan to help the betterment of the disenfranchised which saw revolts.

Guys like T.I. and 50 Cent and Snoop and even Diddy may not agree with him and Kanye may lose his hip hop fanbase, but in his mind he may be doing it for the betterment of trying to get an African American into office who doesn’t need to be perfect.

Kanye West also lay his head at night knowing he probably gave a better track record of “woke” songs that all those guys mentioned above combined which is quite ironic they are calling him out as a coon for the Trump administration.

He knows from watching Barack Obama that at the end of the day the hip hop community even if they all rallied behind him they most likely wouldn’t get him into power due to a numbers game.

He also knows the majority were leery of the democratic party after Barack Obama’s run with Hilary Clinton. He saw someone as Trump coming in and winning over a woman who was obviously more experienced for the position. Kanye has aligned himself with The Kardashians and Trump. He knows how much muscle they have in terms of firepower to get mainstream acceptance. I fully admit I don’t agree with some of the dialogue or antics Kanye West is employing in his bid to run for the Presidency, but I also can see some of what he is doing is not just careless scattered “crazy” moves as how some of the mainstream media is displaying on tv screens either.

Kanye West states he doesn’t allow racism to blind him from what he is trying to achieve. Above you see a hat he gave President Trump.  West thinks that he is repurposing the message that “MAGA” and now he got the President’s endorsement in the photo op. He stated in the meeting with Trump that the “again” part in the “Make America Great Again” is the troublesome word that bothers minorities as it brings back painful memories of the racism of the past.

This is in line and nothing new when it comes to Kanye West using what could be seen as traditionally white supremacy symbols and trying to flip it’s meaning. He believes he can turn these icons into different meanings as the N-word has been taken over as African Americans own.

West tried to repurpose the racist confederate flag during his Yeezy tour, but to not much success as African Americans weren’t willing to help make that symbol popular. As stated in the title could there actually be a method to Kanye’s madness?

Is Kanye also using the issue of “mental illness” to use theatrics to get his message across? Who knows, but this new Kanye may be the same old Kanye who said “George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”, but is using a new approach of love in the name of Ghandi. He may actually still be that Kanye West from “Jesus Walks” trying to be radical in the name of love.


This article does not reflect the thoughts of persons associated with Worldwide Entertainment TV, but solely of the writer Venom who plans to explore topics in a manner that makes one see another vantage point that the media may not.