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J Relentless – Dear Father(Pray for the Dot)

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Toronto hip hop artist, J Relentless, speaks out against the gun violence happening in his city.

The Toronto rapper opens up the music video for “Dear Father (Pray For The Dot)” with a prayer for the betterment of the city.  Gun violence is a growing problem in Canada’s biggest city.  The rate of gun-related crime in Canada has increased by 42 per cent since 2013, due in large part to the increasing number of victims in Toronto.

Toronto began the New Year with a bang in all the wrong ways, a series of shootings in different parts of the city kept cops busy as the city rang in 2021. Just last month of June there were two homicides in the span of eight days according to CTV News.

The hip hop artist, J Relentless, delivers rhymes in hopes of reaching the streets with his melodic rhythm. Check out the visual below.