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Ja Rule Believes Hip Hop Has Negatively Influenced Ja Morant

Ja Rule comments on the actions of NBA star Ja Morant‘s recent behavior as being influenced by Hip Hop music, but thinks there’s more to it.

TMZ asked the Murder Inc. superstar to offer his thoughts on Chicago Bulls guard Patrick Beverley’s recent comments about the embattled Memphis Grizzlies star, who has been suspended eight games for flashing a firearm on Instagram Live earlier this month.

“It’s crazy to say this but Charleston White was absolutely correct,” said Beverley on an episode of his podcast last week. “The music we listen to and how that is the new brand. The music say I keep pipe, I do this and I do that. That turns into, ‘I need a pipe.’ A pipe meaning gun.”

To Ja Rule, that sounds like a very strong possibility, as he remembers adopting certain behaviors after hearing about them through music when he was younger.

“You know, Hip Hop is very influential,” Ja Rule said. “I’ve done things in my youth because of Hip Hop. Ya know, Redman made ‘How To Roll A Blunt,’ we started smoking blunts. Snoop made ‘Gin & Juice,’ we started drinking gin and juice. So Hip Hop is influential; I’m not gonna say it’s not. How far people take it is what it is.”

“Go play ball, man,” he told the publication when they found him at LAX this week. “The streets ain’t about nothing, man. Go grind on ’em. Keep balling. That’s it, man.”

“I used that as an escape, which I shouldn’t have,” the Grizzlies guard remarked. “I feel like that’s the reason I made many bad decisions in my past, which doesn’t pretty much describe me. [It] doesn’t describe Ja as a person. I’m a totally different person than what’s been shown in the media. That’s my job now. That’s why I took that time away, to become a better Ja. So everybody really can see who Ja really is and you know what he’s about.”


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