Jada Pinkett’s personal letter & pictures to Tupac

While In Prison In 1995

The relationship between Tupac Shakur and Jada Pinkett-Smith has fascinated their fans for decades. The two rose in the entertainment world around the same time and were friends in High School. A letter she wrote to Pac in 1995, while he was incarcerated has surfaced online.

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jada pinkett smith

What you see above is a picture of Jada Pinkett-Smith that she sent to Tupac in 1995. It occurred during the time he was in prison over his rape allegations. In recent years, there has been a biopic that covered their relationship    in which Jada was not pleased with the presentation. The big issue was about a letter that Tupac had wrote about Jada, but she didn’t actually know the letter existed in the timeline that the movie portrayed. It is ironic, that now we see a letter that Jada herself has penned.

Jada wrote:

I finished talking to you about an hour ago or so! I decided to call mommie because I was so emotional! Not in a bad way, but relieved to hear the life in your voice. I’ve been aching to hear that strong voice!

I’m not sending the letter about Keisha because it was truly irrelevant now that we’ve talked! I still don’t feel she’s what you need right now, but for real, I’ve got to trust you! If you feel her something must be real! I only hope this situation isn’t making you feel you have to accept anything less than what you deserve only cause it’s been there. You and I will never feel any of our partners are worthy of either of us, so it’s not for me to judge.. really! I want someone to love you to the fullest! They have to love the man you truly are! She should praise you adore you, worship you inside out whether you right or wrong, pretty or ugly! You are the sun and the moon and should be treated accordingly! If it’s true, your heart should love her beyond our existence! That’s how you should be loved and that’s how you should love back! It’s unconditional! You walk now with two eyes open, when she’s by your side, with love you should be able to close one! I’ve always felt safe with you even through all this madness! I’ve never had a problem with closing that one eye when I was by your side! I had to see through yours to get a sense of your


The letter gives a little more insight into what Jada was thinking and feeling towards Tupac around the time which the movie never encapsulated. It also ties into what she has mentioned in interviews that their paths went in opposite directions although they came from the same roots in high school.


In the letter we see Jada acknowledge what wasn’t really public at the time the marriage of Tupac with Keisha Morris.  Jada Pinkett-Smith as we all know ended up getting married to another famous rapper in Will Smith.  In their high school years Tupac and Jada use to parody “Fresh Prince” as you could see in the video below.

Will Smith as we know started acting on the NBC 90’s sitcom “Fresh Prince Of  Bel Air” which was backed by Quincy Jones. Quincy Jones would end up almost being the father-in-law of Tupac due to him being engaged to Kidada Jones.


Another 1990’s sitcom on NBC saw Tupac Shakur appear alongside Jada Pinkett-Smith and it was the smash hit “Different World” about college life. In the episode, “Hey Homey, Don’t Ya Know Me” we see Tupac portrayal as Piccolo the ex-boyfriend of Jada’s character Lena. Will Smith went on to become one of the biggest actors in Hollywood and due to his untimely passing we never got to see how far Tupac could have went in television and film.