Jake Paul Threatens Pete Davidson & Actor Finds Ye Hilarious

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Jake Paul is in support of Kanye West in his beef with Pete Davidson, but actor finds antics “hilarious.”

Kanye West ended his beef with Drake late 2021, but he has taken up a new feud with actor Pete Davidson. The rapper’s ex-wife is dating the Saturday Night Live star and he is not fond of the situation. He has taken the issue to the recording booth as he dropped a new song featuring The Game called “Eazy”. 
The Christian hip hop star could be heard saying, “God saved me from that crash/just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass,” which led Davidson to increase his security to fend of any possible issues with Kanye or his rabid fans.  Well, it appears Davidson has another person to worry about besides the father of Kim Kardashian’s children.

According to Page Six, Davidson isn’t fazed, and in fact, he’s amused with Ye’s antics.

“Pete thinks it’s totally hilarious,” said an insider. “Not just that — he thinks the whole [tabloid drama with him, West and Kardashian] is hilarious. He loves it… It’s funny to him that the press wants to know his every move all of a sudden.”

The outlet also reported that during this time, Kim and Davidson have actually gotten closer due to West’s “craziness.” Revisit “Eazy” below.