Jake Paul Will Pay Kanye West & Pete Davidson $30 Million Each For PPV Match

kanye west

Jake Paul believes a boxing match between Kanye West and Pete Davidson is the solution to their differences.

Jake Paul is heading to WrestleMania, but he wants to set up a fight between celebrity rivals in Kanye West and Pete Davidson. Ye has been going at the comedian for months after it was made public that he is dating his ex-wife. It has reached levels of threats and music video depictions such as decapitation of Pete Davidson.

A new chapter in the drama unfolded this past weekend when the Saturday Night Live celebrity finally responding to the “jeen-yuhs” documentary star over the weekend. There was a conversation in texts that was released to the public of Davidson in bed with Kim Kardashian allegedly. Now Jake Paul wants the rivalry to go to another level inside a boxing ring.

Paul is offering a lot of money to the rap billionaire also known as Yeezy. “I got $30 million for each of you, guaranteed, plus pay-per-view upside for a six-round boxing match,” said Jake Paul in a video. “Let’s make it happen. Let’s settle this beef like men before the children keep on getting impacted by all of y’all’s antics. Let’s get it done! Make it happen!”

Kanye West being a fashion mogul, shoe designer, and music icon, may not see the value of the offer. For Pete, it would be a big pay day that would also get him even more publicity. However, he is also diversifying his career portfolio and is setting himself up to make a lot of money in the next few years, so this might not be in anyone’s best interest.

What do you think? Would you want to see a boxing match between Ye and Pete Davidson? Who do you think would win? Maybe Vince Mcmahon could do a quick set up for WrestleMania in Texas this year?