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Jamie Foxx Says Denzel Washington Verzuz Al Pacino Is Ultimate Showdown

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Jamie Foxx is an award winning actor and got the biggest praise of his career for the role of Ray Charles in the biopic entitled “Ray”. Will Smith is one of the biggest actors on the planet ever since the 90’s sitcom “Fresh Prince Of Bel Air”.

During a music roundtable conference call with Kelly & Chika, the Texas-born actor explained that Training Day centerpiece Washington in a Verzuz battle against Scarface legend Pacino is the matchup of all time because he believes they are the best actors of all time.

“I can tell you this, I know who I would love to see in a Verzuz because we always talk about who’s the greatest actor of all time — and I believe it is Denzel Washington.” Foxx began.

“But, it’s 1A, 2A because it’s Denzel and it’s Al Pacino to me. I’ll tell you why. First of all, Denzel, anything he embodies, you cannot say that that person doesn’t exist somewhere. I was talking to Leonardo DiCaprio, one point, he says, ‘Hey, pal, that Denzel, when he plays those characters, he really scares me. He looks like he could really take your neck out,’ I said, ‘Yeah, he embodies it on every level.’ At the same time, Al Pacino, the reason he’s so important because he has played so many different ethnicities and still been at the top. If you look at it, he played Italian, he played Puerto Rican, he played Jewish, Cuban.”

“So to watch those movies go back and forth, if you watch Training day and then Scarface, to me, that’s the Verzuz that I would like to see. I think I got to get my weight up. Somebody said, ‘You all do versus of music.’ I said, ‘Heck, I ain’t got no… I need some classics.’ I can’t be out there… Come on now, I need some classics, yo.”

The idea of putting up “The Greatest” Muhammad Ali’s biopic starring Will Smith up against Jamie Foxx’s “Ray” was a concept that was brought up.

“But Jamie, if you even put, just as far as biopics go, Smith in Ali and you in Ray, just that as a Verzuz — like whoa.” Kelly reasoned with Foxx.

Foxx didn’t like the idea since he played a supporting role in Ali.

“I’ll take the praise, but those are some moments that — to even be with Will when he was doing Ali was just like I did a feature!” he exclaimed.

Foxx will certainly have plenty of upcoming chances to create more classic films, as he mentioned because he just signed a major production deal with Sony, according to Deadline.

The plot for Power Project takes place in the streets of New Orleans, as Foxx and the leading cast go on a dangerous mission to stop the creators of a new narcotic pill that briefly gives users unpredictable superpowers.


Check out the roundtable discussion below.