Janet Jackson’s Real Feelings About 2Pac

Janet Jackson co-starred with the legendary hip hop icon Tupac Shakur in the movie. She speaks with Real LA 92.3FM Radio about him and various topics like her new music.

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During the production of Poetic Justice in the early 90’s, there was a little controversy that Janet Jackson wanted Tupac to take an AIDS test if she had to kiss the guy who lived by the code “Tug Life”. Tupac revealed in interviews that he thought him and Janet were friends and that she changed her number on him after the filming of the movie came to an end.

“I did not disagree if we were really going to make love,” the outspoken rapper would tell MTV in 1993 about his initial response to the request. “But if I’m gonna do a love scene with her just like somebody else did and they didn’t take a test, I’m not taking a test.”

It turned out that in 2017 during an interview with The Drink Champs, the director of the movie John Singleton revealed the truth behind this controversy.

“No that was not serious.” “That was a joke that we used to have on set, because the real talk is Tupac was attracted to Janet, I was attracted to Janet. We’re on the set, we’re both trying to flirt with her and then I was like, ‘I don’t know if I should have him kissing on my actress when you’ve been f—king around, because you know Pac was just coming and going then.’ Then, I was like better yet you gonna have to do an AIDS test before y’all do this love scene [but] it was a joke.”


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John Singleton who was originally suppose to direct the Tupac biopic “All Eyez On Me” continued to say:

“It was just me … talking shit,” Singleton added. “Then it was like, Oh we should just use this and put this out. So that’s what we did. It was a publicity thing. It was just us talking shit on the set and it was an inside joke.”


The movie would be a hit at the box office July 1993  an estimated 12.1 million in ticket sales. The joke would be seen as something real that create a break in the friendship of Tupac and Janet. Over the years Janet has been quite silent about her interactions with Shakur, but during her media run for his single with Daddy Yankee in LA she came clean about how she really felt about Tupac in the video above. The video below is another interview where she talks about the night she found out he was murdered.