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Janet Jackson Reviews Her Classic Music Videos

LEGENDS & ICONS OF MUSIC - Kevin Douglas Post

legends and icons

Janet Jackson has been in the entertainment business for decades and has racked up hits with classic music videos that she breaks down with Allure.

From Allure’s youtube channel, the platform details that Janet Jackson breaks down her most iconic music video wardrobes, from “Rhythm Nation” to “Scream.” She explains everything from her futuristic video concepts, her favorite hair and makeup artists, and why it took her 11 hours to suit up for the “What’s It Gonna Be” music video. Ms. Jackson explains the story behind her famous key earring and mixing masculine and feminine looks with badass choreography.

She also tells us how she wound up working the register at a Guess jeans shop as a teen. Janet also talks about her love for tomboy styles and which legendary video looks she has since auctioned off.

The segment precedes the superstar’s hotly-anticipated two-night Lifetime documentary event, ‘Janet,’ which will see her lift the lid on her story like ever before.

Check out the video below.