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Janet Jackson’s Nephew Criticizes Aunt’s Sexualized Shows

The “over sexualized” performances of the legendary Janet Jackson is being called into question by her nephew TJ.

On Monday, Feb. 27, a fan shared a clip of Janet during a steamy concert performance, which prompted TJ to tweet, “I never liked when she did this in concerts either. I don’t like when females are overly sexualized in art…it degrades and objectify’s [sic] women in a way that’s not healthy.”

He added, “I prefer the ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’ Janet.”



TJ, who admitted that Janet is “a trailblazer and an icon,” later went on to slam other female artists for “over sexualized” performances.

“I love black women,” he tweeted to a fan. “I wish you would respect the black women we put in our music videos and if you are really serious about making a difference stop supporting the negative image many female black celebs today portray. WAP was not a good look. That deserves your energy.”

He continued, “To all the black women out there…. know your worth. I truly believe you are the strongest beings on the planet. Don’t sell yourself short. Become the queens you are meant to be. #lovealways.”

One Twitter argued that TJ’s view of Janet is subjective due to their family connection, a notion he dismissed. He even doubled down on his stance, insisting that the risqué performances only “diminish her amazing talent.”

Following his comments, Page Six cited a slew of Janet fans who took issue with TJ and felt that he was trying to earn clout off her name.

“I hope @tjjackson is happy with his 15 minutes of viral content at the expense of his aunt,” one said. Another added, “I hardly ever see you post anything about your aunt Janet who has broken down barriers and broken records. Every time she does something huge it’s crickets. You always give [Michael Jackson] props which you should but where’s the love for Janet? This is what you choose to say?”

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