Jay-Z turned heads last week when he made a rare appearance in a court room to testify against perfume company Parlux, which claims the billionaire rapper failed to “properly promote his Gold Jay-Z cologne line,” and caused $18M in lost revenue. Jay maintains that he did fulfill his contract with Parlux, and filed his own countersuit against the company, claiming it still owes him $2.7M.

The legal proceedings between Hov and Parlux’s lead attorney, Anthony Viola got a little testy as emotions flared when the company’s lawyer accused the hip hop artist of changing his testimony on multiple occasions. Viola also brought into question a 2019 deposition, in which Hov allegedly admitted that he was not fully aware of the requirements of the contract.

According to Daily Mail, the Brooklyn rapper accused Viola of “playing lawyer tricks,” and “word games,” that prompted the judge to request that Viola reword his phrasing of certain lines of questioning during testimony on Monday.

Along with complaints over Viola’s tactics in the courtroom, Hov also made it clear that Parlux had never given him the proper resources or support to make his Gold Jay-Z cologne successful, and that they sabotaged their own product by stocking it in “discount stores.”

Noting that he “always had problems with the quality of the lazy work that was coming from Parlux,” Jay said that Parlux was “almost cutting the legs off from the brand [by] putting it in discount stores,” and when asked if he wanted the scent to be a success, he assured that he would not have co-signed a product he wanted to fail.

“I’m not gonna cut off my nose to spite my face,” he told the court.

Despite claims that Jay-Z never appeared in person to promote his Parlux cologne, he stated he “did a lot for the Gold Jay-Z launch,” and in claiming that the company still owes him nearly $3M, has repeatedly brought into question Parlux’s ability to promote their own product.