Jay-Z & Tidal To Sponsor Prince’s ‘Originals’ Album Listening Party

Originals will be a Tidal exclusive release which will premiere June 7. It will be a collection of archives from the legendary artist Prince. Tidal is also sponsoring a series of celebrations for the album around the world.

Tidal co-owner Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter will host a special listening event in Los Angeles on June 6. Prince collaborated with Tidal to release HITNRUN Phase One and HITNRUN Phase Two. The icon also worked with Tidal for his Rally 4 Peace concert, so there was a previous working relationship with the parties before this latest project. Prince inked a deal with Tidal in 2015 and this recent development is expected to be the conclusion of the agreement. Jay Z went on to explain the importance of Prince to the music industry.

Prince led the way, for artistic freedom, for ownership. He’s one of the bravest people I can think of in the industry. He trusted us, not just me, but Tidal, to continue his fight. Trying to help further that legacy through his music is both an honor we couldn’t pass up as an organization dedicated to empowering artists. This gives his true fans that peak behind the curtain.

Jay Z
Prince - Jay Z
Jay Z – Prince