Jay-Z & Timbaland Sued For Copy Infringement By Old School R&B Singer

Jay-Z, Roc-A-Fella Records, Sony Music, and Timbaland Being Sued

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According to the Blast and TMZ, there is an 81-year-old R & B singer suing Jay-Z, Timbaland, Roca-A-Fella Records, and Sony Music because of his song saw that they unlawfully sampled. Ernie Hines is 81-years old who never knew about his “Help Me Put Out the Flame (In My Heart),” a 7″ single was being used in production due to him not listening to hip hop. The song was pressed in 1970 while he was at Stax Records.

The songs in question are Jay-Z’s “Paper Chase” (Vol. 2… Hard Knock Life), and Ginuwine’s “Toe 2 Toe” (100% Ginuwine). Hines is seeking a remuneration of $2,000,000 for copyright infringement for his work.

The songs came out during ’98-2001 and were in heavy rotation, but it seems Hines never received compensation at that time or ever according to his lawyer Christopher Brown. Due to being an elder who is not into rap and bouts of senility, Brown claims he was unaware of his music being sampled.