He once stated that he was “not just a businessman, but a business man,” he now wants to know how his finances are being handled. Jay-Z has expanded his business reach beyond the music business into other ventures that include sports and liquor industry.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter is a billionaire with products such as D’usse, but according to TMZ, SC Liquor is questioning its partners at Bacardi about their financial books.  The outlet stated that Jay and Bacardi have had an even split partnership of the famed cognac D’Ussé since 2011. It wasn’t said why this inquiry has been requested, but it seems that the Rap mogul’s team wants Bacardi to provide “all books and records, the location of all warehouses storing D’Ussé barrels, bottles and accessories … as well as all info regarding Bacardi’s physical inventory and its inventory process.”

An official statement about this lawsuit has not been shared publicly. D’Ussé remains a favorite in Rap circles and it isn’t difficult to locate a shoutout from one of our favorite artists, including Jay-Z, in their songs.